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Op Ed: 

Divine Mercy & St. Francis as a Postulant With the Franciscan Third Order of Ecumenical Franciscans

Divine Mercy & St. Francis as a Postulant

With the Franciscan Third Order of Ecumenical Franciscans


My first few days as an accepted Postulant, I am enlightened, kind of fired up but in a reverent manner. I will enjoy this spiritual traversing journey. As all saints writing and maintaining a spiritual diary have become an imperative to record the journey. I am eager and blessed. The story begins here and is a sequel of sorts from my beginning steps from 1978 all the way to 1994 when I met Divine Mercy, a marvelous and deeply moving, insightful experience. I was touched to the core of my being and was in relationship with Him for nearing ninety days and evenings. Another blessing was praying and singing the Chaplet of Divine Mercy daily. This action brought me through some terrifying moments and healed parts of me I never thought possible.


I cannot state with any truth other than truth itself that I have witnessed mystical encounters on numerous occasions that one simply knows he has been favored without any arrogance or an egoic mind because the experience itself is so powerful one cannot deny the presence of God within themselves. Scripture tells us He resides from within the human heart, His resting place, and further yet, deeper into the soul of which God shakes to the core allowing the believer to know He is here. And, to the faithful, He shall stay here. Lament on this brothers and sisters, even the physical manifestations are a Reality to embrace. And, remember, one just knows, for God makes it so. Mysterious, yes!


Francis (our Saint), demonstrates through his story of conversion that it becomes more than believing for with the birth of believing is born a knowing, also a mystery, where upon pondering let us say, upon the twenty mysteries of the rosary or Gospel story through prayer we receive into our hearts a kind of stigma, not to be confused with a pain, but a rejoiceful love so powerful one feels Him knocking on our hearts door. And, to be in a deep state of prayer allows us the awe of the moment wrapped up in holiness, mystery, and Presence. For those dear souls who have witnessed this encounter in an ecstatic and perhaps hypostatic union of the Holy Trinity with mankind as couples, we witness a holy daze of love and the way we should love one another, through a purity known only by a few.


St. Francis bore the stigmata in silence and revealed only to Christ as he accepted his pain. I, too, accept what is and what will be. We all know pain. We have all known our levels of emotional, mental, and spiritual pain all our lives. For me, now is the time of jubilation and new encounters only a God of fervent love may grant us. Divine Mercy and Francis have led me to the Order of Ecumenical Franciscans, happily. I am happy to be here.

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