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Upon reading my tagline under my name one may be influenced by its depth and meaning. "Faith is not a religion – it is a mystical experience," and available to all through Christ. This of course, has become my vision and expressive viewpoint in life. Mystical experiences I have encountered I quietly keep to myself. But they do occur and should not be dismissed as an incoherent form of spiritual or supernatural reality. Afterall, I believe there does exist a Creator in all we see, know, and feel, and he rests upon the form of the God-Man of Jesus Christ. No, I am no theologian. And yet, here I am, a believer turned knower. How do we know? I sense when God speaks one just knows. His Voice or Appearance is as we need him in a moment in time and space according to his Divine Will, and, available to all. Our hearts are his resting place and the Kingdom provided us as His will be done on earth as it is in heaven comes to an experiential moment of mystical encounter. I shall continue my journey of life meeting God through these open dimensional windows He provides us if even for an instant, though, I sense or have come to witness they endure eternity in a single moment. Blessed be God forever.