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Goslings and a Mother Goose.

The worship times for Paavo John (Evans) endures a duration including the full day (morning), and evening as I am always giving thanks and petitioning in prayer. This of course is an interior dialogue expressed through prayer, reconciliation, penitence, and giving thanks. I do pray for family, the global community, ecology, human rights, and simply to let Jesus, Mary and Francis know I include them as I remain a grateful penitent. I pray from the heart, as well, as from the deepest stirrings from my soul. I have statues of Jesus and Mary in the quiet places of our home that remind me to give thanks for the mystery of the Incarnation to the Resurrection. I study the Catechism and John Paul's Theology of the Body. I reflect on all spiritual matters in silence (or with my wife), as I discern a calling to help others in their spiritual maturity. I have been sharing my pains and sufferings since childhood as my psychological and cognitive self was repressed from childhood sexual trauma and Military Sexual Trauma. I have suffered magnanimously over 60 years. I dig, and I dig, bringing these pains to where I can meet them now head on. This requires much discernment, understanding another's pain, and letting go of the past enough to learn from. In terms of community and creation I sift through layer upon layer of spiritual debris sharing whatever I have learned with others. I have begun a relationship with the Southern Poverty Law Center and hope to engage as a writer for this as well as a photographer/poet are my earthly desires. I have the gift to write deeply. Praise God. All the above (for me), seems to be what Christ demands of me, to listen, discern in my heart and soul, and share my experiences. In summation, I sense the Lord is calling me to deeper prayer, deeper writing, reading the Gospel story, sharing a sense of poverty of spirit with those who will listen, and embrace the mystical encounters as a remembrance of His love for me. I have had many mystical encounters. My walk of the Cross began in 1978 upon hearing the church bells ringing at St. Matthew's Catholic Church in San Antonio, Texas crying out to me for conversion as John Paul II was reigning in within the new Pontifical role as Christ's emissary on earth to gather the sheep and to love them. If I could be as him I would for John Paul II has become with a sense of relationship my favorite Pope and now Saint. I embrace Man and Woman He Created Them: A Theology of the Body and wish to teach this one day. This requires fervent and diligent study as does scripture. As well, in the beautiful charism and spirit of St. Francis, I wish to dedicate my life and being giving up my past pains and rejoice in the glory rendered by Jesus Christ and all who follow Him. Thank you for allowing me this opportunity to share a diminutive portion of my story.